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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New laws and humbug

New Labour is in a tizzy today. It is also becoming strident in its anti-Catholic diatribe talk. Use of terms such as "homophobia" and "intolerance" have been bandied about. Even the LibDems are talking illiberal nonsense. David Laws was on the Today programme insinuating that the Catholic Church could teach children to have a hatred of homosexuals. Whilst he did not say so as such the inference was clear.

Ed Balls says, "A Catholic faith school can say to their pupils we believe as a religion contraception is wrong but what they can't do is therefore say that they are not going to teach them about contraception to children and how to access contraception. What this changes is that for the first time these schools cannot just ignore these issues or teach only one side of the argument. They also have to teach that there are different views on homosexuality. They cannot teach homophobia. They must explain civil partnership."

Where does the Catholic Church teach homophobia? Does Ed Balls think a church school cannot teach two sides of an argument? It is all such arrant nonsense, but the secular liberal elite have got some notion that, because a certain activity is deemed sinful by the Church, that it has to follow that hatred and abuse of the sinner is accepted and tolerated by the Church. So they speak in innuendo with slanderous overtones in order to push ahead with their social agenda. We have to be very vigilant that this new elite does not become a repressive regime exercised only in the promotion of their so-called equality laws.

Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain, of the Accord Coalition, has been doing the rounds. He sees it as being perfectly OK to force his equality views onto others. Emm! Liberty needs eternal vigilance. I'm sure the rabbi knows that. We need honest education that empowers children with proper knowledge. Nobody can gainsay the truth about different sexual activities or behaviours. But seducing children with the gameplan of a political agenda is not on.


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