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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Frau Merkel's Greek island real deal

The Greeks are in difficulty. Not only are they up to their eyeballs in debt, but they are getting further into the clutches of the EU mandarins. Nigel Farage was not wrong when he said Greece had become a subservient statelet of the European Union. Now the German Chancellor has come up with a good wheeze on the financial front. She's had a look at the map and spotted that there are plenty of Greek islands so why not flog off a few for extra cash?

Frau Merkel reckons the Greeks should sell uninhabited islands of which there are 227. I'm not sure if such real estate is worth much. Who would buy such an island? Richard Branson? The latest lottery winner? Or maybe Lord Ashcroft, to keep up his non-dom credentials? Definitely no doms on those islands.

Personally I think this crazy idea just about sums up the arrogant thinking of the EU machine politicians. It's gone past the absurd into the realms of fantasy. If implemented this could set a very bad precedence, leading to all manner of dodgy deals. Gordon Brown could be flogging off our islands including the inhabited ones. It's got an Ealing comedy flavour about it. Passport to Pimlico? Frau Merkel wants to see your visa!


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