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Friday, March 12, 2010

Thin end of the political wedge

A judge has seen fit to throw out the BNP's new constitutional rules. This is on the basis that they are still discriminatory on the basis of race. Maybe they are, but what these liberal minded baters, who are trying to use legal methods to implode or explode the BNP, forget is that such tactics backfire. For much of the past 25 years they have had a prissy policy of holding to a "no platform" approach. They hoped the BNP would drift away. However, as many of these libertine types are responsible for passing bad laws, defending immorality or just brushing unpleasant facts under the carpet, there is plenty of stuff for the BNP to say "I told you so".

Today we have had the conclusion of a review on whether teachers can be members of the BNP. The teaching unions are up in arms over the decision which says they can. Ms Chris Keates, of the NASUWT, is in a lather. She says, "The idea that a person who signs up to membership of the BNP can simply leave these beliefs at the school gate and behave as a 'professional' when they walk into school is risible." That is taking the typical leftie approach. What is definitely risible is that it seems OK to be a left-wing union activist but not be a member of a legal political party. I am all in favour of making sure political parties obey the law but attempting to outlaw personal beliefs, however odious one may find them, smacks of undemocratic actions. Ms Keane just plays into the hands of those in the BNP.

Personal politics have no place in the classroom, BNP or any other party. However, Ms Keates and her chums have infected schools with left-wing propaganda for decades. I know of many members of the Conservative Party, who are teachers, being held as suspect by the likes of Ms Keates. She seems to want a political-cleansing that suits her own propaganda.

I fear that the BNP are going to do well in the general election. They are parading themselves as white knights (literally) in the face of political ineptitude, bonus bagging bankers and corruption in high places. It shouldn't be that way. If the politicians had not seen fit to feather their own nests and the New Labour regime had not interfered on almost every level by imposing crazed ideas on social experimentation, we would have no rise in far-right politics.

The likes of Ms Keates are the cause of Nick Griffin's advancement. She needs a long hard look at herself in a mirror!


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