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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bagsamoney Karsai in Kabul cash heist!

The leader of Afghanistan, that green-caped Karsai, has admitted to receiving bag loads of cash from that scruffy minicab driver lookalike who runs Iran. Karsai airily brushes aside questions that this method of receiving money is a bit iffy. He says it is perfectly in order as it's the way its done in this part of the world. The Americans have given this ballot-rigger sack loads too apparently. It's outrageous. Karsai struts around as some kind of elite yet when it suits him to get involved in cash smuggling he suggests this is an Afghan tradition. Complete and utter rubbish. Why not have a bank, a proper bank with a proper accounting system. If he poo-poos Western ones, let him use an Islamic one.

We've asked our soldiers to die so that this guy can do everything that democracy isn't suppose to do. It stinks. If I were advising the American high command, I'd suggest they took some of the bags and paid to have those poppy crops sprayed. We've got to end this nonsense right now.

Harry Enfield had a character in the 80's called Loadsamoney, who was a pretty awful character. Perhaps he could take on Bagsamoney and show this modern day Afghan counting house king up for what he really is.


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