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Friday, October 22, 2010

Cafe fan banned in case smell of bacon offends Muslims

Now this is a case of political correctness (or more truthfully political stupidity) causing offense all round. This time its the morons from Stockport Council, no doubt being watched by the Cheshire Cat, who have deemed the smell of bacon cooking in a cafe may offend passing Muslims. This council, by the way, is run by LibDems. Come on, get a life, there's a national crisis on!

This whole nonsense was caused by a guy called Graham Webb-Lee, who complained that his Muslim friends refused to visit him becase they ''can't stand the smell of bacon.'' He lives next to the cafe. However, he has apparently been complaining on and off to the council who seemed totally uninterested in his complaints until he got a load of Muslim friends and mentioned this to the council officials. Oh, boy, that changed their tune. They were round to the cafe owner, Turkish Muslim Cetin Akciecek, to read the riot act.

I suppose the next thing is Cetin being marched off for "retraining". The whole thing is outrageous and is just another reason why the Coalition needs to get rid of these morons when cutting council jobs.


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