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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Claire Rayner's last rant!

I've never intended to speak ill of the dead and hope I don't, but reasoned comment is fair I think. Claire Rayner died this week and we all know she was a humanist and a detractor of religious belief. That's OK. But it strikes me as very peculiar that so-called liberals can be such vituperatively spiteful souls. I saw from her recently updated Wikipedia entry that she said this as she neared her deathbed.

"I have no language with which to adequately describe Joseph Alois Ratzinger, AKA the Pope. In all my years as a campaigner I have never felt such animus against any individual as I do against this creature. His views are so disgusting, so repellent and so hugely disgusting to the rest of us, that the only thing to do is to get rid of him."

I had no desire to get rid of Claire Rayner whilst she was alive. Pity she got so bitter about her animus. The repellent thing is that liberals can be such illiberal folk with some very nasty things to say at times. A real pity, indeed!


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