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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Flasher is bitten by victim's dog

This is a story that's got several bits in it. First it covers the topic of flashing. I can never understand why some men think a woman would be interested in seeing a penis in such circumstances. Maybe it's a way of offending all women and the first available is just a token to the outrage. It's another of these sexual deviations that are outside the normal scale of accepted sexual activity. Only the flashers think its OK, and even then there must be a few who have guilt trips afterwards.

In this case, the woman at the centre of the offense had her dog with her. A terrier. I'm not sure what type, but that doesn't matter. Most terriers are like little rockets. This dog is made of strong moral fibre and, knowing that no animal can sink to the levels of debased humanity, decided to take prompt action and bit the flasher on the arm. Now a dog wouldn't have thought of taking a chunk out of his todger - far too improper. But I bet a lot of humans thought of it.

So the police are looking for a guilty man with a very nasty dog bite. I hope the terrier gets a commendation and does not fall foul of any dog laws. And I hope this woman is getting over her shock alright. Sgt Dowling of North Cotswolds police said, "This was clearly an upsetting incident for the woman and her dog". The dog, I suspect, was more outraged that his owner was upset. Flashers should think twice before coming before a dog and its owner.


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