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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hallowe'en trick or treating tonight

Just got back from going trick or treating with my two children. Wow! This year there were ten times as many kids out there. At one point, seemingly from nowhere, about twenty kids descended on this particularly house where a woman had opened the door, hall lights behind her shining out onto the first GMT night. She nearly lost control of the box of candies. Later, a few doors up a similar situation took place. Now there seemed to be more kids than before. The Pied Piper was out too. My daughter came back out of the gloom declaring, "He's run out of money!", referring to the man at the door, who had been doling out cash. Nobody gave a trick. I was hoping for a slug in a matchbox, but maybe that's being too literal and a bit mean.

I'm waiting to hear how well the supermarkets did this year. I also see that the Bishop of Ludlow is recommending that the Church takes back Hallowe'en. He may have the same problem as stable lads with bolted horses. The only way that's going to happen is if All Saints Day is made a holiday as in continental Europe and we have a proper celebration. As it is the commercial secularists have the upper hand at the moment. However, I'm not that concerned. Those who believe in the feast of All Saints, followed by All Souls' Day, will continue to celebrate as such. Maybe calling it All Hallows' Day might connect us with this word that is used often (the Lord's Prayer?) but never really understood. One meaning is "to venerate as being holy". All Hallows Eve is a perfect time for children, but it's a bit like Christmas Eve with no Christmas Day. I like both halves of a festival.


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