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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Harriet Harman in "ginger rodent" attack

Danny AlexanderHarriet Harman, or Harperson when she is being all equal, has just lammed in on the Liberal Democrats and Danny Alexander in particularly. I thought she was above all this. Didn't she push through some kind of equalities bill? Isn't it a diabolical crime to say nasty things about people in the workplace? I would have thought calling someone a "ginger rodent" is enough for at least six moths in the slammer. She could then do corrective training and come out a totally rehabilated person. I think the rozzers should pay her a visit. Not for the first time, mind you. She's got form, what with mobile phone driving.

At their very worst Labour can be a bunch of self-righteous shysters. This isn't that bad, but Harperson's the type that thinks she's above it all if she can say she has a track record in this, that and the other. Humbug, basically. Glad they didn't get in.

This all came about because she was ranting on about people not voting for a coalition. She must have low grade O level general politics if she thinks that. People voted as they voted. The result may not be as they wanted, but we live with a party political system that offers only Government and Opposition. She's the latter. Everyone knows that the Tories couldn't make the numbers so a Coalition it is. Simple. Stop wingeing!


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