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Friday, October 22, 2010

LibDem MP's wife in kittyknapping court case

The Daily Mirror has the headline "Lib Dem MP Christine Hemming accused of stealing a kitten from mother of husband's daughter" except, of course, she is not the MP, it is her husband John Hemming, up the road from me in Yardley. Christine Hemming is the sort of wronged wife of which TV movies are made. When magistrates asked her if she wanted to be called Mrs or Miss, she said: "I'm not quite sure at the moment." Mr Hemming still lives with his wife in Moseley, Birmingham, but yesterday described his domestic status as "unclear". He went on to say, "I'd just like the cat back. I've spent time looking for the kitten. Her brother, Twinkle, is pining for her." When Christine found out about the relationship bewtween her husband and the kitten's owner in 2005, she stood by her millionaire husband and said that the six-year affair was "about number 26". Christine, you sound like a media man's dream. Roll on the crown court case. High on drama, high on legal costs. That's the LibDem contribution to credit crisis management.


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