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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Norman Wisdom dies aged 95

Like Sir Tim Rice I was a childhood fan of Norman Wisdom, but unlike Sir Tim I never met Norman. Those who did were very pleased to know that he was an engaging person. Probably that was why the people of Albania found he was just the tonic for getting over a dour regime's lifeless lifestyle.

The Albanian ambassador has spoken nice words about him -

Tributes have been paid in all British newspapers and in many all around the world. I suspect some who may not have heard of him yet will read about him today. If you never saw a film of his here are a couple to see in clips. The Fifties were somewhat dull so a character like Norman Pitkin, as Wisdom became, was very much light relief.

Norman Wisdom Dentist (A Stitch In Time)

Norman Wisdom - Trouble in Store - New Chief's office

Norman Wisdom Don't Laugh at Me


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