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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wikileaks defends Iraq war leaks

Rumsfeld greeting Saddam in true oily fashionThose who propagated the Iraq War as some kind of democracy-in-action episode are getting all upset about us knowing of a bunch of second-rate butchers now running Iraq. Saddam Hussein and his fawning henchmen were of the first-rate variety. However, if you are getting roughed up with acid, waterboarding or just the fisticuffs with a view to a lingering, angonising death, it amounts to sod all difference who the torturers are.

The Iraq War was started because Bush and Blair decided Saddam needed to be given a whipping and, hopefully, the noose. Once he'd been despatched the oil barons could get in, and Donald Rumsfeld, arch brown noser of the former Saddam regime (when handshaking with dictators was the norm) could get things moving for Cheney's Haliburton chums. The whole raison d'etre was an outrage.

Now Wikileaks has disclosed facts which Hillary Clinton has suggested will put lives at risk. Sounds like she means American lives only. Those Iraqis who are still being bumped off by degenerates masqerading as democrats are not included.

The war in Iraq caused many to feel that the waging of war in the 21st century was a bogus matter. Gone was the reason for defending the nation (as in WW2) and gone was the reason for defending an ally against an aggressor. This was pure regime change because of retaliation or falling out of favour. It was war for a very different reason.

Both wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are a terrible mistake based on falsehoods. If it was all about democracy I'd be at least in favour of the reconstruction. But it isn't. Even the drug trade is better off than ten years ago. If we were that bothered we would have sprayed the poppy crops, controlled the arms trade and given the likes of those puppets currently in power in Baghdad and Kabul a one-sheet crib outlining Democracy for Dummies!


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