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Friday, October 15, 2010

Woman found dead on fire in Bradford

A woman has been found on a fire behind a house in Bradford, according to this BBC report. Sounds terrible. But as usual the BBC gives us scant indication but ever so nudge-nudgingly suggests that it may be an honour killing of sorts. At least, that's what my vibes tell me. Maybe it's me jumping to conclusions. But the link with Pakistan suggests otherwise it seems.

I hope that the police solve this as soon as possible. One of the outrages in this country is the way some young women from the sub-continent are treated by family cabals of tribal elders all hell-bent on continuing shameful control freakery as if they are still huddled together in a faraway village. If anything needs publicising loud and clear it is the abomination of this practice of treating young women as some sort of sacrificial cleansing vehicle for the supposed shame of the male perpetrators of this cruelty and wickedness.

If there has been a crime committed here, then those guilty of such deeds should be held up for public awareness, so no other self-appointed "community" elder gets such ideas and that it is known what everyone thinks of their vile vanity.


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