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Monday, November 01, 2010

Airport bomb "there for a year"!

I'm sure I saw that car last year!Belfast International Airport is investigating an embarrassing lapse in security. Or more accurately, just a typical example of the lack of attention to detail that seems to pervade British society these days. It beggars belief that nobody thought to ask about the car, which had a pipe bomb in it. The vehicle was in a long-stay car park and airport parking firm Q Park said "it was confident that car had not been there for a year".

The reports of this only suggest that police are investigating the possibility that the car was there for almost a year. I suppose someone just suggested the possibility. But the real problem here is the need to investigate such an error. So many horses bolt from so many stable doors. I think a lot of our problems stem from bored staff, doing tedious jobs and not really bothering. After all, is it such a fantastic job wandering around a vast array of cars, watching planes zooming off to different climes, letting your mind drift off into fantasies. Honestly, if it were me, I'd not be too sure if a car was there for a year or a day. If the system has flaws (the company said this vehicle was not pre-booked so was not on the number plate recognition system) then who knows what car is what?

One only has to thank the chances that came about to render this bomb a virtual dud.


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