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Monday, November 08, 2010

BNP in new court battle over membership

It seems to me that the Equality and Human Rights Commission is on a crusade to impede democracy and stifle debate. They have an idea that, by going after the BNP, they can get the party to implode under a mountain of court costs. So they have come up with the ridiculous notion that loads of ethnic minority people should be allowed to join the BNP. All this in the name of equality. Of course, it has nothing to do with equality or discrimination. It has everything to do with trying to outlaw those you find objectionable.

The EHRC is alarmed at the 1 million voters who support the BNP. So by killing off the party they hope to change the minds of those voters. An absurd notion, but only those with absurd notions run the EHRC. If the BNP goes, another will take its place. Far better to debate and show why the BNP policies are not right.

If this ridiculous court case results in a form of entryism, then there will be all sorts of bogus demands, such as women forcing themselves into the Catholic ministry. It is a can of worms unleashed by those who are no better than Pharisees.

Mindsets are not changed by draconian laws. If that was so, then the glorious German Democratic Republic would still be up and running.


"It is a can of worms unleashed by those who are no better than Pharisees." Interesting use of metaphor.

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