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Saturday, November 06, 2010

First gay Episcopal bishop to retire in 2013

Gene Robinson is to retire in 2013. He is currently the Bishop of New Hampshire and has been the centre point of the controversy over homosexuality in the church. Actually, I think Gene Robinson's position is not so much about "gay bishops" rather it is all about authority and the novelty doctrines that are so cherished by the liberal elite in the Episcopal Church. He tells the people of New Hampshire, "I believe that you elected me because you believed me to be the right person to lead you at this time. The world has sometimes questioned that, but I hope you never did." That seems to me the crux of all this. The "world" is the representation of "them out there". I wonder what the "whole company of Heaven", as the Prayer Book puts it, thinks. Surely there must have been a few questions there?

The vast majority of sacramental Christians do not find Bishop Robinson's situation compatible with the gospel. Those of his mind are few in number compared with that majority. Yet, because many in the secular world warm to his opinions, he is seen as representing a far greater constituency.

I do not wish him ill in any way. It is utterly reprehensible that he has received death threats. It is also unpleasant that he has been abused by critics. It is quite fair to suggest that he is not openly following the gospel. It is quite wrong to judge his soul and the souls of those close to him. I hope he has a happy retirement when it comes.


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