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Monday, November 22, 2010

Nigel Havers walks out of jungle show

So Nigel Havers has decided to quit I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! This is the sort of show that I found great fun first time round but then it all got rather predictable. I watched the first episode of this series when the celebs met up with each other for the first time. Most didn't know each other, which kind of suggests that they are not all that famous.

Havers apparently got miffed about the treatment of contestants. Now Nigel, when was it any different on ITV? You were picked because the "management" thought we'd all have a good laugh at your expense. You were never meant to be a star of the show, just a commodity to make the advertisers feel that they were back in the good old days. I think Strictly Come Dancing would have been a far better bet, or maybe Come Dine With Me. But really the fact is that reality TV is all about revealing the unreality of it all. As Michael Winner might say, "It's only a TV show, darling!".


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