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Friday, November 26, 2010

Passenger plane overshoots runway

Just before 9.00 pm tonight a passenger plane overshot the runway at Newcastle Airport. At least, that's what is being reported. Except the plane remained on the tarmac according to Tyne and Wear Fire Service. In this report from the BBC there is one version from a passenger - "The plane started to shudder after we hit the runway. The pilot was putting on the brakes... we quickly realised we were over the front of the runway and the front end of the plane was in the field. People didn't realise how serious it was until we got off the plane." Then there was the version from the fire service group manager - "They seemed fine in all honesty, it's just they were disembarking in a different position. Most of them did not realise anything was different."

Funny how two people can see things so differently.


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