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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Tea Party tactics at the White House table

I've got mixed feelings about some of the results in the Mid-term elections. I'm all in favour of reducing tax and reducing government spending. However, it must be done in a way that allows the figures to add up. I heard a Republiccan victor shouting about lowering taxes and winning in Afghanistan as if there was no connection between the two. To hear some speak, soldiers get paid out of thin air. There is never any linkage between the vast sums spent on "the military" and the quick soundbites about tax reduction.

I hope good sound thinking politicians will now come together on Capitiol Hill. The Tea Party politics is all very well, but it all has too many neat political doilies on the table and the cup cakes have their icing too neatly presented. The political food is not that substantial. Sarah Palin is their idol, but she comes across as a vacuous airhead, just repeating phrases that sound good to Fox News viewers. Has she anything to say about Bernanke cranking up his digital money producing machines? Bernanke's going to quantitatively ease vast amounts of dollars into the system. So much for the Protestant work ethic. It's enough to make the Pilgrim Fathers vomit. Is any of this being discussed at the Tea Party today?

I remember Michael Moore (yes, a radical from Flint, Michigan, I know!) doing a piece on the gargantuan amounts slushing around the system. When Newt Gingrinch was Speaker of the House he was able to get cash into his district in Georgia. $4 million went into a library in Marietta. Moore asked this guy, who was sitting at a table in the library, if funding to this district should be cut to bring down taxes. The answer was typical. Not here in Marietta, but how about starting elsewhere.

Talk is easy. It's political action that counts. The whole Western world needs to stop this crazy manufacturing of digital money and come back to doing some real business. Before taxes are lowered we need to know exactly how many staff each government needs to operate properly. It surely cannot be right for the state to be an employment sponge so that the dole queues are reduced.

Barack Obama wants to talk with those who feel they are out of the recovery process. Perhaps the first thing that those gathering for a tea party can do is to ask when the fake money supply will stop.


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