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Monday, December 20, 2010

Not much authority at Heathrow

Yet again the BBC, and ITN and Sky too, repeat the nonsense that Heathrow is part of the "British Airports Authority". It isn't, but they give the impression that somehow this snowbound winter wonderland is down to the government. The British Airports Authority ceased being years ago. The Spanish owned company that is today's operator of Heathrow is BAA plc. All they did was turn the initials into a company logo. It would have been helpful all round if they had chosen a brand new name. But they didn't. However, they have no authority as such, just the competences of their management. Now that's where we can quiz them about snow and planes and runways.

BAA chief executive Colin Matthews admits the airport has let people down. He came on the radio this morning sounding a mixture of apologetic soul and gung-ho maverick. But not enough to shift the planes. Boris Johnson says, "It can't be beyond the wit of man surely to find the shovels, the diggers, the snow-ploughs or whatever it takes to clear the snow out from under the planes, to get the planes moving and to have more than one runway going." I agree. BAA don't see it this way.

I bet it's the same at Heathrow as it is in Sainsburys, at the bank, or anywhere else you expect a service these days. Large corporations appear to be running their businesses on a minimal staffing basis. Plus the fact that customers are expected to pitch in when the going gets tough. "Unexpected item on the runway!".

Colin Matthews spun a good line. He had me thinking, "yeah, OK", but then that's not really good enough. Britain doesn't have a very good image abroad for coping with chaos. We're not exactly like headless chickens, more a kind of herd of cows in need of a good bull. The one thing that all these organisations could do is keep us INFORMED!!!! We are sick and tired of the mushroom treatment. Maybe we could have an Apprentice version for corporate bosses. "What was you thinking of?" may get some results.

How about New Year resolutions being that all the lessons we think we need to learn will actually be learnt by the end of next year? Forget the inquiry, Mr.Hammond, just get out the exercise books!

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1340146/UK-SNOW-CHAOS-Heathrow-Airport-boss-admits-prepared-says-truly-sorry-disruption.html#ixzz18fV8KRa4


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