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Thursday, December 09, 2010

South African extradition extracts less than the truth

Ever since Norman Scott stood up in a magistrates court in Devon and said all his problems were the result of his association with Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe, I’ve been very wary of the concept of truth. That is truth in a human context. Pontius Pilate had a terrible time with truth. So much so that he washed his hands to take his mind off active thinking.

Now we hear that a self-confessed murderer has implicated a man in the murder of his wife. Shrien Dewani is being held in jail because this convict blurted out in court that he was not alone in carrying out the deed. So what appears to have been an innocent honeymoon in South Africa turns into a hellish nightmare. Dewani is proclaiming his innocence. But how on earth can he do that? We hear of corruption all around modern day South Africa. If I was in his shoes I’d fight the extradition as he is doing. I’d work out a way to provide proof. But I’d not have much faith in the judicial process of the Cape. Sorry, but that’s how it is.

I’ve been watching Garrow’s Law. That shows up how corrupt the English legal system was 200 years ago. Sir William Garrow is credited with establishing that a person was innocent until proved guilty. Many in the Establishment at the time thought otherwise. In fact they blatantly stitched people up. And they still felt it was OK to burn women at the stake until 1790. Nice, wasn’t it?

What has changed? People are still being dragged off to court on the say-so of dodgy dealing types. We’ve got corruption in high places and the desire for destruction in lower places. The US government is after all who dare to challenge them. Anyone wanting to know how the American authorities can retaliate should study the case of Dr.Samuel Mudd who was framed in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Mudd had helped the real assassin by offering medical aid. The establishment needed a result, so Mudd spent time in a hellhole. It was only his wife campaigning tirelessly to get him out that ended his misery. But even today he has still not been pardoned!

How many True Movies have been made on the the tales of tragedy “based on a true story”. Injustice is all around us. I may be next. You may be next. In the wrong place at the wrong time? Fingered by Fingers Malone. Anyone saying that “if you’ve done nothing wrong you've got nothing to worry about” needs a good jolt. All of a sudden there seems to be a spate of dirty tricks about. I think we need to pass the cleaning fluids around.


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