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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vince Cable set up by Daily Telegraph "constituents"

I feel sorry for Vince Cable. He's been stitched up by some journalists from the Daily Telegraph. A bit of a mean trick, I'd say. Not really Telegraph stuff in the main. More Murdoch's minions' territory. No wonder they were always portrayed as pigs in Spitting Image. A bit unfair to pigs, I always thought.

So what if Vince Cable's got opinions. He's not said anything that outrageous. He hasn't leaked government secrets. He hasn't got a Russian mistress. He hasn't sexed up a dossier. He hasn't lied about foreigners. Not much to get bothered about really. Except the Daily Telegraph can't stand the Coalition. So why not have a go at Vince. Send some posh ferrets down to Twickenham and get the man singing like a canary. Well, in that they succeeded. But it doesn't make them look like decent people.

Sir Denis Thatcher's friend Bill Deedes used to be a bigwig at the Telegraph. If they were around today, I dare say they'd be shocked. "I say Bill, that Vince Cable chap's been done over by some of your pipsqueaks. I mean, he's a liberal wotsit, I know, but that's just not cricket. A bit below the belt, if you get my drift!"


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