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Monday, January 10, 2011

BNP candidate Derek Adams ejected from hustings by police

Democracy is on our minds now. In Arizona and in Oldham. A nutter goes on the rampage in Tucson. In Oldham it's a different matter. Greater Manchester Police are now the arbiters of democratic free speech. Whatever the chief constable might think, and "think" is something that he might be short of here, Derek Adams is a LEGITIMATE candidate. Who are the police to meddle in democracy?

Adams may not be the brightest candidate. He may have petty prejudices. His party is a rather authoritarian statist outfit. If allowed to speak he may well have put his foot in it. Now Greater Manchester Police have just given him every incentive to go out and say we live in a police state. What fools they are!

Let the people decide. Not a bunch of coppers doing some sort of political cleansing on behalf of apparatchiks.


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