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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Edinburgh Airport closed due to snow

Edinburgh Airport is closed again due to a snowfall hitting the runway. Whilst safety is obviously paramount, one has to wonder if BAA is really fit for purpose running airports. There has been much talk of underinvestment. Simple planning would tell them how many snow ploughs, etc they need to keep operational. Other airports manage. Instead of addressing investment, they just seem to look up at the skies and blame the environment. If this winter has been so bad for them, what are they expecting next winter? Maybe they just put everything on a bet at William Hill.

When it comes to advice for passengers it is always recommended that they contact their airline. Not bad in itself, but it always sounds a bit of a copout. I think a bunch of flowers might be a good gesture. Then frustrated passengers could pull off petals one by one. "The airport opens, the airport opens not".


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