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Monday, January 31, 2011

Female guard strangled in prison chapel

I've never understood why the American authorities call their prisons correctional centers when very little correction seems to take place. Washington State is the latest to find out they have made a grave error - a dereliction of duty in fact. Female guard Jayme Biendl has been strangled in the chapel by an inmate trying to escape. The guard had been telling people that she felt unsafe as the sole person guarding this part of the prison.

Equal opportunities? Political correctness? No, it's just the stupid way things are done these days. Any fool could have told the authorities that this was not a good idea. A life has been taken. No doubt they will seek to fry the culprit in a grisly manner, yet totally misunderstanding that it was they who had a duty in the first place. It seems Pontius Pilate may have had a hand in drafting the regulations.

The whole thing stinks!


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