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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jo Yeates murder inquiry yields second suspect

The police in Bristol have arrested another man. His name is being given locally as Vincent Tabak, a 32 year old Dutch National. The BBC reports that a flat in the same building which Jo Yeates occupied with her boyfriend is being searched and scaffolding has gone up.

Mr. Tabak finds himself in a similar position to Christopher Jefferies. That of being arrested on suspicion of murder. What I find odd is that the media is not seeking to reveal details of Mr. Tabak as they did Mr. Jefferies. Is this because they have been told to say nothing or because they don't see any mileage for boosting circulation?

I hope all involved in this are treated fairly and receive equal treatment. Somehow my antennae are twitching, telling me that the media is not fair and fairness is something that we can only hope for rather than expect.


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