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Monday, January 24, 2011

Sexist views in the news for Sky News

I was wondering what had happened to Richard Keys. Sort of. Then I hear he's been talking in that blokish way Sky blokes talk. Does it surprise me? Not really. I can't think what all the fuss is about. Football is full of blokish blokes. It's year's since I went to a top flight football game. It was all blokish stuff then. If young women want to mix with the lads' game, they will need cloth ears. Also an ability to absorb four letter words as if Noddy spoke them.

Sky Sports or News or Whatever has taken Keys and his mate to task. I never watch Sky Sports. Sort of watch Sky News. Too much Murdoch gives me the collywobbles. All a storm in a tea cup. I mention this only because some seem to think it matters. I don't think so. Football will implode under a mountain of debt or be crushed in the stampede of angry fans trying to get at greedy foreign owners. It's not a game anymore. It's a cynical business.


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