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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gay weddings to be held in St.Featherbrain's church!

The Liberal Democrat minister for "equality", Lynne Featherstone, is pushing ahead with so-called religious gay weddings. Seeing as most of those campaigning for this novelty are either atheists or agnostics or revisionists, I'd say this was an attack on Christianity rather than a measure of that euphemism of equality.

Ms Featherstone, bless her, knows nothing about the Church. She is Jewish and a liberal. That makes her rather inadequate to pontificate on this matter. The only religious bodies to get excited about this are the Quakers and the Liberal Jewish synagogues. I've nothing against them offering whatever the wish to offer. What I do object to is Ms Featherstone trying to find a way to force the Church to adopt secular notions. The sacrament of Holy Matrimony is a holy estate between a man and a woman. What the state does is one thing. We may agree or disagree. She should leave well alone on matters of doctrine of which she apparently knows very little. Strange noises? Sounds like she consulted her boiler!


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