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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mubarak falls off the wall, with slight bump and heads for the beach!

I wonder what it must be like for a dictator's mindset. Over a million people crammed into a square all baying for your blood, the rest of the country wishing you'd clear off and your erstwhile cronies fingering their rubber daggers. It's ridicule, hatred, pity, distaste, indifference and much more all rolled into one for the people. But surely Mubarak didn't think anyone still thought him fit for the presidency? What on earth was going through his mind?

The only thing I can think is that politics for some is a cause for insanity. Are most of the world's leaders insane in some way or other? Berlusconi must have a few insanity cells in that numbskull of his. Anyway, Mubarak had enough mentality left to realise he'd be better off kicking the sand in Sharm El Sheikh than he would be studying the script for another TV broadcast to the nation!

And I wonder if the Americans are having sleepless nights. All this came about because of Wikileaks emboldening the Arab subjugates. Washington has paid billions into Mubarak's coffers, turning a blind eye and deaf ear to his regime's cruelty. They sound a bit jittery and nervous now he's gone. Could be that a democratic Egypt will reveal the nasty truth about renditions, special or monetary ones.


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