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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Athena tennis model girl revealed?

Fifteen Love
The BBC are saying that they have "revealed" the girl in the famous Athena poster. She's called Mrs Fiona Walker. On reading about this, I had a feeling (not for the first time about news items) that I thought this wasn't new news. It was kind of old. What I had foggily remembered was that the photographer had died and it was already known. Then I noticed a link and found that the BBC had reported Martin Elliott, the creater of the poster, dying at the age of 63. It was a picture of his girlfriend Fiona Butler.

The thing about news today is that some news is absolutely new news, but other news is not so new. Or it is revised and rebranded as new news. I suppose this is new news in that we now see a face to the name. But it got me thinking that, if I thought I already knew about it or thought it was old news, is all news really what we think it is?


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