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Monday, March 14, 2011

Birmingham police are not to retrain as postmen!

The Policeman Always Rings Twice
As the chief constable of West Midlands Police checks up on the coppers he's going to make redundant, he'd be well advised not suggesting the Post Office as alternative employment for them. When it comes to identifying roads in Birmingham, names can have a disastrous effect on the detection system. Matthew Jillard, of Bordesley Green, said he had been visited by police more than 40 times in the past 18 months, often in the middle of the night. He said police confused his house in Repton Road with a nearby address in Repton Grove. Road or Grove? Sounds similar, I'll grant you, especially said quickly in Brum. But Mr. Jillard has told them about this simple error many times.

"When my girlfriend rang Police HQ at Lloyd House the gaffer there said he knew all about it because they had seminars about not getting it wrong. We used to get post for the address in Repton Grove but that has stopped after we contacted them. We've put up signs, we've tried to get them to change their records. Some officers have said it is their sat-nav because they're not always that accurate. I really don't know what more we can do."

This may be a one off but I get the impression it's what is really wrong with Britain. Nobody takes responsibility, passing the buck is normal and government institutions are rendered virtually incapable by paralytical political correctness. What did he say? Had seminars? Their sat-nav wasn't working? David Cameron is probably bang on getting them shaken up.

In reply a police spokeswoman said, "West Midlands Police can confirm that officers have attended an incorrect address in Repton Road on several occasions. Officers have been in regular contact with the occupier to apologise for the mistakes. A number of measures have been put in place to stop this from happening again." A number of measures? Half measures, no doubt! Come off it, dear. One measure would be quite enough. Full and brimming with thoughful, reasoned effort.


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