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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Damian Thompson, the Catholic bishops and a revolting building

Catholic tastes?
Damian Thompson is the blogs editor of the Daily Telegraph. I read his religious affairs blog. Very good it is. Mr.Thompson has a down on the Catholic bishops. In fact, it could be said he's near to revolt on occasions. They apparently are near to revolt over the Ordinariate, yet profess blind obedience to the Pope and his initiative. There are revolts going on all over. Some of the comments on his pages are quite revolting, from those Roman Catholics who seem to despise Anglicans in the Catholic Church. Then there are revolting comments from those within the Church of England who are sniffers-out of all things papal. Damian says he has no time for the the "Hinge and Bracket" Anglo-Catholics. Neither have the liberal-minded members of Affirming Catholicism, who affirm almost everything the Pope does not. The Anglican Bishop of Truro has no clue as to what Anglican Patrimony is. The Pope apparently does. But the Catholic bishops don't. Damian Thompson does and seems to find it better than the Roman Patrimony, if I may put it that way.

Now there is on offer a church that does indeed have an ugly look about it. This is being touted as a suitable place for converting Anglicans to worship. I detect more revolts. Even the building might turn on itself. If the inside is anything like the outside, then an Anglican High Mass would seem very muted in there. Is that the idea? It would appear that the Church of England is huffy about the Ordinariate as much as the Catholic bishops. We've heard all manner of threats about leaving, not using buildings and such.

Christian charity is short on the ground right now between many. Feelings are running high. But surely we should all take a back step, a deep breath and ask ourselves "Are we being nice to each other? Is this what Christ expects of us?"


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