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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Honours Degrees and Honours Student Loans

Following on from my post about the government student loans business, I see that DirectGov has another company involved. Namely Honours Student Loans, owned by Deutsche Bank and Nationwide Building Society. In this report from This is money.co.uk the last government was offloading vast sums of student loan debt. Billions of pounds of it, in fact. Whatever else these students learn in college let them know one thing -


This story is two years old. New Labour was up to its neck in vicarious financial dealings. I do hope the Coalition gets a grip on this debt selling "industry".

The impression is given that the government is running this loan system. Apparently not. But the ones that are have precious little good said about them on the internet. Even now, Honours Student Loans gets a bad press so to speak on consumer forums. If this is not nipped in the bud, many students are going to be embroiled with businesses that have little empathy with former students struggling to earn a living.


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