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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jordan in Christian relics row

"I think a bit's missing!"
When I saw this headline on the BBC website I momentarily thought "what's she involved in?" and wondered what row it could be. Katie Jordan? No just Jordan it turned out to be! Another Bible busting discovery in the Hashemite Kingdom. This time a group of 70 or so "books", each with between five and 15 lead leaves bound by lead rings, was apparently discovered in a remote arid valley in northern Jordan somewhere between 2005 and 2007 by an Israeli Bedouin (I never knew there were such people!) but he claims they have been in his family's possession for 100 years or so.

Will it make any difference to Christian belief? I doubt it. But as a great find, they are probably priceless.


I cant wait to hear more about the actual content of the books. I really want to know if they corroborate more with the synoptic gospels, the gnostic gospels, or bring forth a completely new perspective on what is already known.

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