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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kraft chiefs quizzed on Cadbury takeover by MPs

"I've always loved chocolate!"
MPs have said the absence of Kraft chief executive Irene Rosenfeld from a hearing over the firm's Cadbury takeover was a "slap in the face". The Commons Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee was following up a report in which it said Kraft acted "irresponsibly and unwisely". Ms Rosenfeld's team insisted she was interested in the hearing.

Ever since Kraft took over Cadbury the feeling seems to be that Kraft is up to something. Maybe they are or maybe they are not. But I think they come across as slightly shifty. Large corporations do themselves no favours by being unnecessarily secretive and defensively indignant. One thing is certain, though. Kraft need to create a better public image in the UK as far as their corporate affairs are concerned.


I really like comments like this. I do wish more American libertarians expressed views like this. For too many, anything the private sector does is OK.

I discovered your blog after the Tucson tragedy by Googling "Tucson killings England." I have cousins in Nottingham, but I was curious what would come up with a general inquiry like that.

I just posted a note on my blog complimenting your stands on things like the Kraft - Cadbury phenomenon.

Keep up the thoughtful writing!

Thank you Chuck. My basic stance is that there is a big difference between free enterprise and corporatism. I've had experience of listening to American thought on it and a lot get the two mixed up. Much as they do in Britain.

Generally free enterprise businesses can't make something out of nothing, unlike banks which can push a button and thousands of dollars/pound/euros are created!

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