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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Obama and his ratings

"Is that Peeping Tom over there?"
President Obama has let it be known he's running again for the presidency. 2012 will be an olympic year all round. One thing Americans get on a daily basis is a good dose of popularity ratings. Obama has had some of the highest highs and lowest lows. Pundits make a good living out of asking dumb questions to a befuddled nation. No wonder being president is an exacting business. It's not Libya, the debt crisis or the health care business that matters. No, it's the polls, dummy!

And one aspect of the polling business is telling the voters how religious or otherwise the candidates are. I've happened upon this site. Called "GodVoter.org" (as if God was on the ballot paper!) and it goes into detail about a candidate's religious affilations or lack of them. I get a distinct whiff of holier-than-thou mentality creeping in.

Barack Obama gets nobbled for his "unChristian heritage" and his "eccentric beliefs about God". Sarah Palin is upheld as a paragon of "pro-life" virtue. Yet she is not above letting bears of all kinds die in the name of oil exploration. Rather pompously this site says "John McCain identifies himself a Christian but what we have and have not heard from John McCain about his Christian beliefs raises some questions." Cheeky beggars. What business is it of theirs?

I do hope Americans vote for a president on the issues that matter and not on trying to emulate some kind of protestant conscience-prodding excercise. This organisation sounds like it is staffed by window peepers, keen on twitching the curtains. Are they so squeaky clean themselves? Or trying to be like the Pharisees?


I've never heard of GodVoter.org until you posted the link. They gave an A to a Republican I don't think I have ever heard anything about. I don't even recall hearing his name.

Mike Huckabee was a Baptist pastor (leader of a church) in Arkansas before entering politics. I thought he was politically and socially conservative.

The comments about the Mormons also seem extreme. I'm not one, but I am acquainted with a woman who converted to Mormonism. We're friendly.

The other comments on that site seem inclined to be very Puritanical.

Great work. And remarkable assortment of methods to function... Great!!

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