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Thursday, March 03, 2011

MBNA in the doghouse again!

The credit card issuer MBNA finds itself yet again on the receiving end of a judge's sharp tongue. Not that such remarks will give them the slightest feeling of shame. Such companies carry on regardless. They have a nice business model based on slick selling backed by precious little customer care. This latest episode is about a man taking them to court or more correctly the outfit that MBNA sold the debt to. (Debts get passed around like a tray of biscuits!). Namely Link Financial. If you google Link Financial you will get a pretty good sense that they are at the bottom of the heap when it comes to debt collecting integrity.

In court Keith Harrison argued that, contrary to the explicit requirements of the Consumer Credit Regulations 1983, the bank had failed to send him the necessary terms and conditions for his card, either when he applied for the card or when it was issued to him by post. MBNA said it would have done so. But the bank could not prove to the court that this had occurred.

"I find that neither with the application pack nor with the card was the claimant sent the MBNA terms and conditions," said the judge. "It is perfectly clear that the legislature regards it as desirable that such documents should be provided. It seems to me that a total failure to supply the required documents will prima facie call for some reaction from the court," he added.

It is amazing that organisations such as MBNA can carry on with such sloppy record keeping. They have a poor view of consumer laws. They think there is very little on the side of the consumer and everything on their side. One wonders what on earth it will take for MBNA to shape up.


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