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Friday, March 11, 2011

When is a banker not a banker? When he's called Fred Goodwin!

Fred Goodwin got to be known as Fred the Shred for his activities whilst he was the semi-piratical captain of the ship at Royal Bank of Scotland. He took a once great institution so close to the rocks that it nearly broke into tiny pieces. For his ambitious greed, or maybe greedy ambition, he got given the boot. Now the cheeky knight in tarnished armour has the affrontery to suggest that calling him a banker is all wrong. He has gone so far as to get a judge (one in a stupor, no doubt) to grant him an injunction banning the media from calling him a banker. Well, if he isn't a banker, what is he?

He must have got out of the wrong side of his bed one morning. Thought to himself "I'm not a banker!" and then gone running round the house telling his family and then running into the street telling the good folk of Edinburgh "I'm not a banker". Well, we all knew that anyway.


I'm glad to join in telling anyone who may care to know it that Fred is not a banker. I'm not sure what he is now, but no doubt he will tell us in good time.


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