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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bloody Syria!

Says it all!
President Bashar al-Assad has unleashed his so-called security forces on Syrians seeking no more than democratic freedoms. What he aims to achieve heaven only knows. The time has gone when it was the way to sit up late into the night dreaming up fantasies about how to crack down on the people. Assad is no better than his father was. However, it may not be too late for him. As the democracy genie is out of the bottle in the Arab world he is fighting a losing battle. His best bet is to agree to democratic reforms and stop this killing. He may yet emerge with some dignity intact. If he continues to assert that those in rebellion of his autocratic regime are "terrorists" he will lose credibility faster than water leaving a bath tub. The whole of Arabic people are clamouring for freedom.

Syrians have as much right to live with democratic freedoms as anyone else. Assad and his cronies are living in some historical time warp. He needs to wake up to reality!


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