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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Donald Trump for president?

"Democrat, eh? You're fired!"
I can't believe this anymore than I can the Sarah Palin thing. Loads of people think Donald Trump would make a good president. Some even think he would make a great one. Now, I'd say if it was a toss-up I'd go straight for Trump. No question. He's a talented businessman, he's a people person (believe it or not!) and he's a patriotic American. And, give her her due, so is Sarah Palin. Can't take that away from her. But Trump is also abrasive. A bit tempestuous. He's also not good at collective management. He may find those phone calls to difficult senators and stroppy congress memembers a tad hard to do. And he doesn't have a political past as such, he's got a business political past. Maybe I'm wrong?

Anyway, he's rising in the polls. A bit like bread dough with the yeast getting going. Here he is as seen by the ABC pundits and penpushers.


You're an idiot. He's a business man and would run the county like a business man. He would care more about business and not so much about the american people.

You're an idiot. Show me your crystal ball that shows working for the American people is not one of the business goals. Also, fixing the economy is good for the American people. Why don't you run around calling people idiots based on your fortune telling some more.

and Obama had what kind of experience? If we can vote in Obama, we can vote in anyone!

You right here, Mr. anonymous 3:17AM, contribute to the reason why America has become filled with ignorant, unintelligent know-it-alls. Obama has immense experience from being a U.S. Senator to working in grassroots politics of Chicago. But you're right about one thing: some Americans are so stupid that it IS perfectly capable for us to vote for anyone, including Sarah Palin and Donald Trump! Frightening.

Obama, was the money men behind the scenes giving the people what they want,a black president **with a muslim name just for an in joke..Dont be detracted by Obamas colour hes just as much a puppet as those before,the few that are not puppets are soon *removed** like Kennedy.
Obama has already renenged on evey pre presidential promise he made..of course NOBODY can say anything because hes black!!

p.s. At least Trump has proven hes great at something..unlike..Bush jr,Clinton,and Obama..

...I mean is it just me..but look at Obama and Blair,would you buy a used car off these guys?..They couldnt look dodgier if they tried..

Osama is bad Obama is *good**..and where do they hate blacks the most..Alabama..so lets splice Alabama and Osama..and we get Obama....Jeez,you couldnt write this stuff..talk about the gullible public...

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