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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Killing : Sofie Grabol, new TV star in Britain

Fingerprint Six and Fingerprint Seven
For those watching The Killing, as it was known in English on BBC4, must be like me. Quite unsettled its all over. Danish TV acting is right up there on TV Everest. Sofie Grabol was just perfect. This was acting as it should be. And she never went to drama schoool. Just shows what a talent can do regardless of the training. In fact, most natural talents don't need training. Patrick Moore learnt his own astronomy, Delia Smith has no formal cookery training, and Jim Reeves could just sing. And if more proof is needed then Simon Cowell's face when Susan Boyle opened her mouth for the first time in his presence tells it all.

I thought The Killing was brilliant. BBC4 should do more to publicise their wares. Watching Danish TV is no problem. Danes appear to act with their whole bodies, faces telling far more than words. Rumour has it that the BBC might close BBC4. They would be crazy to do such a thing. Give us more of these gems hidden from us. I've not seen the French offering that is in its place, but it sounds good. German TV has good stuff, I'm told.

The Guardian had an interview with Sofie Grabol. She is bemused by her popularity in Britain. "It's amazing," she says. "I can't believe it." She might not, but many more do!


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