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Friday, April 08, 2011

Luftwaffe Dornier 17 at Goodwin Sands still intact

Sunken Treasure
There must be all sorts of interesting stuff on the sea bed. Ranging from the discarded rubbish of cross channel ferry passengers to the bones of famous people. So the discovery of a unique German warplane off the Kent coast is something of a genuine surprise and will provide interest to many. The locating has left experts "incredulous". New images suggest the Dornier 17 is still intact and there are hopes that it will go on show. They called it "the flying pencil" - a slim, elegant aircraft originally designed in 1934 to carry passengers, which by the start of World War II had been converted into a deadly weapon of war.

I remember making Airfix models of Dorniers. The BBC report does not mention Claudius Dornier, the German aircraft designer, but he would be pleased to hear of the renewed interest in his designs. I found this site about Dorniers which has quite a bit of information. And here is a brand new Dornier - an amphibious flying boat.


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