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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Nick Clegg attacked as a hypocrite

Making a difference to social mobility
I can't understand why people should get so agitated about the government's desire to improve social mobility. Maybe it's because they think only they should do it. Labour in particular think the apparatus of the state belongs to them. Their client vote is mainly the bulk of Unison. I saw Jack Dromey on Labour's front bench the other day. Now here's a guy who got a leg up in society with the help of his posh wife. Posh Harriet Harperson, niece of of an earl and a daughter of a posh doctor. When Dromey was picketing in the seventies he must have realised he needed a bit more than a bovver boy's hairdo to succeed in life.

Nick Clegg has been called names just because he had a so-called privileged background. He may have had, but his mother endured a Japanese concentration camp. Do these critics have any clue? And isn't it better helping people than sitting on the sidelines doing nothing? The Good Samaritan was able to help out because he had money and the ability to help. No good asking another helpless soul for help.

I'd say Nick Clegg was in the very best situation to help the less advantaged. Those saying that they never would have voted Liberal Democrat had they known that Clegg & Co would be in government must think voting is completely devoid from the stuff of elections. It's a bit like Little Britain with people saying "I'm the only Liberal Democrat in the village". Did they think voting Liberal Democrat meant hoping they would lose?

Those carping now would, I believe carp if any party had got in. They just carp for the sake of it. Chief amongst them is Ed Balls. He must see details of the deficit and think he's looking at a list of lottery winners from the way he talks.

Nick Clegg has gone from campaign cheerleader to Downing Street deputy. Maybe there's a whiff of jealousy in the attacks?


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