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Friday, April 15, 2011

No Rogue Traders Here

Whilst looking around for a reputable trader I came across this site. No Rogue Traders Here it's called. The organisation is based on a simple premise. Linking customers with good honest traders. Of course, the customers have to be honest too. There are such people who constitute rogue customers!

The description is - " "NO ROGUE TRADERS HERE" is one man's vision, set up in order to combat the increasing problems caused by rogue traders in the UK. When he realised that there was no way for a consumer to get peace of mind when choosing local professionals and tradesmen he set up "NO ROGUE TRADERS HERE" to solve the problem. The vision has materialised into this website, and this site has been constructed in order to set a standard by which local businesses and professionals can measure themselves in order to get quality leads from customers who want a quality service."

I think this is a highly commendable idea. Having seen a rogue trader last night on BBC Watchdog one has to wonder if some of them are more properly described as gormless with a cunning streak. Jamie was certainly in that category.


I found my builder from NO ROGUE TRADERS HERE. i did a google search for builders and found JW Builders.com,
reading his web site he belongs to NO ROGUE TRADERS HERE. did a very good job.

We like to thank this person.
JW Builders Ltd

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