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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Oliver Letwin in Sheffield holiday row

"A holiday in Sheffield! Wow!"
Oliver Letwin occasionally pops up in the news. Then he keeps his head down. This time he apparently made comments about not wanting Sheffield families to afford cheap holidays. The comments were made in a private conversation with Boris Johnson. Not so private. It is alleged that during a conversation with Mr Johnson about new airports, Mr Letwin said, "We don't want more people from Sheffield flying away on cheap holidays." Nick Clegg who is the MP for Sheffield Hallam  told Sky News Mr Letwin had "become the most controversial politician in Sheffield". "I suggest to him that he probably wants to tread with care when he comes to visit a city that I love."

Isn't it all a bit silly? Maybe Letwin was having a jibe at Clegg going away for his skiing holiday and then having to cut it short, forgetting that he was in charge of the country? If all private tittle tattle is picked up on, then where does it end?

I find that Denis MacShane has entered the fray. In a letter to Mr Letwin, MacShane, MP for Rotherham said, "This is pure snobbery that is unworthy of someone with your wealth and privileged upbringing. Can I say these remarks are profoundly offensive to all the people of South Yorkshire who have as much right to enjoy a holiday as the millionaires in the Cabinet."

Can I say that MacShane is a pompous prat who most likely has loads of private conversations we should't or would't want to hear about?


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