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Monday, April 18, 2011

Royal Wedding and a family tree

The BBC has a neat little family tree it has designed showing that Kate Middleton is from humble stock. This is shock news it appears. But aren't we all from humble stock? It may not be our fathers or grandfathers but even the Queen has some humble characters in her ancestry. Much is made of the coalminers, but coal mining is a far from humble activity. If anything, Miss Middleton will have very strong genes. She also has a couple of carpenters in there, a solicitor and a bank manager. No doubt Mr.Glassborow was the manager of his bank and not as we have today - bank branches with managers in them. When did anyone last see their bank manager?

Now coalminers know that they can have daughters and grand-daughters as princesses. As do carpenters, messengers, solicitors and bank managers!

And Loretta Lynn knows a thing or two about being a coalminer's daughter -

And here is Bobby Darin, in one of his last performances, singing If I Were A Carpenter -


Worth it to read write-up. Esp. the particular stands used to keep the brain. I wouldn't have seen it alone. Must examine carefully aged photographs to find out this kind of attribute.

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