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Friday, May 06, 2011

Bashar Assad - Mass murderer of Syria

Up yours too!
This is the face of a cocky mass murderer. Happy to live in both sides of parallel universes. Kill two hundred people one day. Dine with two hundred cronies the next. Live in luxury whilst your people live in squalor. Say what you like but deny your people any say.

Syria should have better than this. They want better than this. Bashar Assad is not a nice man. He is a two-faced little creep. What courage it must be to stand up to such a nasty man! All they want is democracy, the chance to elect their leaders. And many are prepared to die for that chance.

I do hope that when it comes they never let complacency enter their hearts and minds. Don't look to the British for guidance. Most stay away from polling stations in their droves. In some places that has been recorded as over 90%, particularly for the AV referendum. Would the Syrians like a referendum on voting choices? You bet they would!


Dear Arden

Absolutely agree with your perspective on this issue. By the way I describe my politics as democratic responsible left of center. So why are we in agreement? Perhaps because we both believe is democracy and free choice.

Absolutely in democracy and free choice. Even now Bashar Assad is consulting his weasel words dictionary, the very one he used on the Turkish foreign minister.

Good Article.

Dictators are never as strong as they tell you they are
People are never as weak as they think they are

And as for Assad saying in an interview.."I have no control over the army" is Utter Lies. His Family runs the Army and Government.As well as other people running the show.
Torturing people and beheading children,,is right up there with Andre Pavelic and Adolf Hitler./Pol Pot
Personality disorder with ego problem/empathy problem

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