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Friday, May 13, 2011

British woman beheaded in Canaries

Woman beheaded by mad man with machete in Tenerife
A British woman apparently on holiday in the Canaries has been murdered whilst shopping in a supermarket. She was repeatedly stabbed then beheaded in a frenzied attack. Eye witnesses saw the perpetrator calmly carry passed them the woman's head by the hair, until he was grappled to the ground by police.

This is such a horrendous thing to have happened. However, should it have happened? The Spanish police are letting it be known that the man involved, a Bulgarian, has had a history of mental illness. If he was known to be difficult why was he let out, so to speak? I know it's easy being wise after the event, but we are constantly being asked to be wise after events. Another family severely traumatised, another mentally unstable person incarcerated and another inquiry no doubt. I imagine Spain is no different from the UK or any other country. A judge will adjudicate and say things need to change. Let's hope the do.


horrible bastard should cut his head of with a butter knife

Let each punishment mirror the crime. The Bulgarian needs to be beheaded himself. If someone commits rape, they should themselves be raped. If someone tortures someone else for years, they need to be tortured for years too...

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