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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

City Mayor Election for City of Leicester

As mentioned in the previous post, there is an election for a city mayor in Leicester tomorrow. Former council bigwig and Leicester South MP, Sir Peter Soulsby, is standing for Labour. He will probably win. Then Leicester can expect a protracted battle with the Coalition over the cuts to public services. Perceived by Soulsby that is.

Unfortunately, he has a divided opposition against him. Five independents for starters. Then there are five party candidates. I don't suppose the alternative vote would help any more than the supplementary vote method they will be using tomorrow. Sir Peter is probably likely to get more than 50%. But if he doesn't it's your second, or supplementary vote, that counts. Should be interesting. The European Union has banned some supplements but this one passed them by.

Here are the eleven players in the team tomorrow. Kick off at 7 am sharp!

  • Regine Amanda Anderson, UK Independence Party (UKIP)
  • David John Bowley, Independent
  • Mohinder Farma, Unity for Peace and Socialism
  • Geoff Forse, Green Party
  • Ross Ian Grant, Conservative Party
  • Gary Glen Hunt, Liberal Democrat
  • Rick Moore, Independent
  • Nima Patel, Independent
  • Mu-hamid Pathan, Independent
  • Peter Soulsby, The Labour Party Candidate
  • Lee Alan Sowden, Independent

The city council has an electronic booklet, including some candidates details, which is informative.


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