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Monday, May 02, 2011

Donald Trump's birther push no hindrance to poll ratings

Larry King checks out Trump's thatch
Donald Trump is a very successful businessman. No difficulty in saying that. However, as a candidate for president he's got some odd ways of expressing his suitability. The Obama birth certificate nonsense was one. Now that that has been put down as nonsensical. Trump is on the stump wooing his fans. Fanatics might be more appropriate.

Unbelievably he is ahead of Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee in the Republican poll ratings. Both these were dropouts from the previous election, when the GOP went for McCain and Palin. Romney and Huckabee are problematic. They are too easy for Trump to bate. If Obama was picked on, then these two are chicken feed for Trump.

But is political bullying that edifying? I don't think so. Trump has political banalities at the ready to excite the crowds. Apparently, he is announcing in June whether he will actually run. I think he will. Only because his ego won't tell him otherwise. So many will have convinced him his the man of the moment, he will go for it. And the more he goes for it, the more he will want it.

Something very similar will occur for Sarah Palin. As she gathers momentum the Republican Party will have to watch as these two fight it out with adoring fans clapping like circus sea lions. Unless of course some bigwigs come to their senses.

Time will tell.


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